Pistachio paste 190g-
Pistachio paste 190g-

Pistachio paste 190g


Pistachio Paste Pure guarantees top quality ice cream with an unequivocal flavor. It has a very intense color and the characteristic smell of Pistachio and has a high consistency. 100% pistachio.



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Pistachio crunchy 120g


A very friable leaf that enhances the intense flavor of the Sicilian pistachio and releases the intense aroma of the Bronte land.

Broscìon pistachio plumcake 450g

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A soft base of artisan panettone stuffed with a delicate Sicilian pistachio cream. Pistachio plumcake 450g.
An explosion of flavor and taste to make every moment of the day sweeter.

Sicilian pistachio sweet cream 190g


From the refinement of pistachio, the sweet spreadable cream with a delicate and decisive taste is born. A pleasure that melts in your mouth to make your moments of relaxation unique.

Cyclops kisses 60g


Pistachio product.
The 60g pack contains 3 kisses inside.
Produced in a factory that uses other nuts (hazelnut and almond), flour with gluten, eggs.