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copy of Croccante di Pistacchio con “Pistacchio verde di Bronte DOP” 100g -
copy of Croccante di Pistacchio con “Pistacchio verde di Bronte DOP” 100g -
Whole pistachio paste 250g

Whole pistachio pastes 250g

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Broscìon pistachio plumcake 450g

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A soft base of artisan panettone stuffed with a delicate Sicilian pistachio cream. Pistachio plumcake 450g.
An explosion of flavor and taste to make every moment of the day sweeter.

Pistachio sweet cream 210g


The decisive flavor of the best Sicilian pistachios mixes with the sweetness of the milk in a very fine cream, to be spread on bread or to be used in the kitchen to give a special touch of taste to homemade cakes and desserts. From the selection of the best Sicilian dried fruit, a line of sweet creams is born, ideal for tasty breaks and nourishing snacks: all the soft contrasts of a land kissed by the sun in a Convivia jar.
Net weight: 210 Gr

Hazelnut Sweet Cream 210g


A delicious Sicilian hazelnut cream, fragrant and delicate, ideal for a breakfast full of energy. From the selection of the best Sicilian dried fruit, a line of creams ideal for tasty and nutritious breaks, to be spread on bread, cakes and desserts: a jar of taste and goodness, also suitable for children.
Net weight: 210 Gr
Origin of raw materials: Sicily (CT)

Cyclops kisses 60g


Pistachio product.
The 60g pack contains 3 kisses inside.
Produced in a factory that uses other nuts (hazelnut and almond), flour with gluten, eggs.

Pistachio grain 100g

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Goloso Pistachio grain, a delicious and genuine product emblem of traditional Sicilian cuisine. The pistachio of Russo Typical Products is characterized by a bright green color and an intense and aromatic taste. Ideal for embellishing pasta dishes, creating tasty breadcrumbs or decorating your desserts.

Pistachio paste 190g


Pistachio Paste Pure guarantees top quality ice cream with an unequivocal flavor. It has a very intense color and the characteristic smell of Pistachio and has a high consistency. 100% pistachio.

Almond paste 250g

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After coffee or to accompany tea time, almond pastries are perfect with their extreme sweetness and consistency that remains more crunchy on the outside and softer on the inside.

Pistacchiosa sweet cream 190g


For those who love sweets but cannot eat them, PISTACCHIOSA is a delicious and delicate pistachio cream gluten-free and lactose-free to spread wherever you want! Pistachio 50%.