copy of Blanc de Blancs Brut Feu Tenute Orestiadi -
copy of Blanc de Blancs Brut Feu Tenute Orestiadi -

Pacènzia Zibibbo 50cl - Tenute Orestiadi


Pacènzia is a quality that distinguishes being Sicilian. The Pacènzia of knowing how to wait for the warm Sicilian sun and the slow passage of time to shape the best grapes of our late harvest, giving us a wine with elegant hints of candied citrus fruits, with a honeyed flavor, enveloping with strong notes of ripe fruit. A mix of elegance, uniqueness, diversity and typicality.



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Varietal: Zibibbo
Denomination: Terre Siciliane PGI
Soil: clayey black soil 70-100 m above sea level
Color: intense golden yellow
Nose: elegant hints of candied citrus, with a honeyed flavor, enveloping with strong notes of ripe fruit
Palate: moderately sweet, soft and harmonious with excellent balance
Pairings: it is perfectly suited to both fruit-based desserts and blue or medium-aged cheeses
Vinification: the grapes undergo a natural drying process in the vineyard, with subsequent destemming and cold maceration and temperature-controlled fermentation. Natural stopping of fermentation by cold follows.

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In Sicily, an island that has always been suited to viticulture, the vineyards of the Tenute Orestiadi extend, born in Gibellina from the synergy between a group of winemakers gathered in a cooperative and the Orestiadi Foundation, one of the most important cultural institutions in the Mediterranean, with the aim of promoting the territorial identity of the native Sicilian vines through the combination of art and wine.

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