Fusilli Pasta 500g-
Fusilli Pasta 500g-

Fusilli Pasta 500g


Fusilli - Pack of 500 gr. of semolina pasta extruded through bronze.
Good for its taste and for the shape that traps the sauces, they have a callused and consistent central heart.

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This semolina pasta is a typical product of eastern Sicily. Lenato Fusilli are particular for their delicacy, because they have a medium thin thickness, which allows them to be highly digestible.
The pasta factory of the Lenato farm, in organic conversion, gives life to a quality handmade dry pasta. The full and structured taste, its goodness, the natural color and the superb keeping in cooking, respecting tradition, are able to surprise consumers by the smell of wheat that releases after opening the pasta package. The secrets are the technique, the vacuum processing of the doughs, the use of certified drinking water, the bronze drawing that guarantees density and roughness and the sweating cells for natural drying.

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