Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 75cl
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 75cl

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 75cl


Producer: Olio E 'Provenzano
Size: 75 cl
Production area: Partinico / Trappeto



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Cultivar: Cerasuola - Nocellara
Production area: western Sicily Partinico / Trappeto
Terrain altitude: 100 - 250 m a.s.l.
Plant type: sixth 6X6
Type of breeding: polyconic vase
Harvest period: September - October
Harvesting method: hand picking
Extraction method: continuous cold cycle, pressing within 8 h from collection
Appearance: thick and veiled oil, intense green color with golden yellow reflections
Bouquet: medium fruity, clean and persistent with hints of freshly mown grass, freshly picked green tomato
Taste: medium fruity flavor, with an aftertaste of artichoke, chopped grass and fresh vegetables
Use: ideal on a bed of legumes, on fresh and cooked fish, red meats and vegetables
Allergens: does not contain allergens
Formats: 75 cl

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Year of production 2019/2020 - Bottle of 50 CL.

Carefully packaged, space-saving and extremely ergonomic.

The elegance of the bottle, the anti-oil label that avoids the greasy effect and the anti-topping cap, make it a perfect product for elegantly laid tables in restaurants or at home.