Zammara EVO oil Monte Etna DOP Nocellara of Etna 50cl


Extra virgin olive oil of Protected Origin in 50 CL bottle - year of production 2019/2020.



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100% guaranteed quality product

The Monte Etna PDO is one of a kind, it is a blend of nocellara etnea, Biancolilla and Moresca. With its medium intense fruitiness, with hints of fresh grass and tomato and bitter almond and its harmonious balance between bitter and spicy, it is perfect for fish, cooked or raw, for salads and vegetables.

The bottle is equipped with a measuring cap that allows a light and homogeneous distribution on the dishes, avoiding unnecessary waste.

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EVO oil Nocellara of Etna Zammara


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Year of production 2019/2020 - Bottle of 50 CL.

Carefully packaged, space-saving and extremely ergonomic.

The elegance of the bottle, the anti-oil label that avoids the greasy effect and the anti-topping cap, make it a perfect product for elegantly laid tables in restaurants or at home.