Extra peach jam 240g
Extra peach jam 240g

Extra peach jam 240g


The snuff peach, also known as "Saturnia" or "Saturnina" has a medium-small size, a flattened shape and an intense but sweet flavor, has a white, soft and very fragrant pulp. The Marmalade Extra Jam of Peaches Tabacchiere has a great versatility in the kitchen, where it successfully adapts to both fish and meat dishes.



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Ingredients: Peaches Tabacchiere, Sugar, Lemon juice. Gelling agent: Pectin.
Fruit used: 60 g per 100 g.
Total sugars: 54 g per 100 g.
Content: 240 g e.

[per 100 g]:
Energy value 934 KJ - 220 Kcal
Fat 0.0 g of which saturated fatty acids 0.0 g
Carbohydrates 55 g of which sugars 54 g
Protein 0.4 g
Salt 0.00 g

100% VEGAN

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