Porter Sciara 33cl-
Porter Sciara 33cl-

Porter Sciara 33cl


Sicilian craft beer
Style: Porter / Fermentation: High / Color: Black / Alcohol content: 6.2% / IBU: 34 / Serving temperature: 13-15 ° C / Type of Glass: Ballon



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The Sciara is a Porter!
A black beer with a dense and compact foam and moderate carbonation.
The hints of coffee and the aroma of toasted, characteristic of the mixture of malts used, are combined with the light aroma of hops, making it a "relaxing beer".
The Sciara should be savored at a temperature between 13 and 15 ° C, comfortably seated, so that it can be enjoyed right up to the last sip.
It goes well with aged cheeses, with grilled meat but can surprise if accompanied by seafood, especially oysters.
The combination that he prefers most is with fruit or chocolate based desserts, so as to balance his toasted and slightly bitter aroma with the dessert dessert.

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