Oil and vinegar

Sicily is the third Italian region by quantity of extra virgin olive oil produced. The plants grown in Sicily are of different varieties, also depending on the area of ​​origin and cultivation. The production of vinegar is still not widespread in Sicily: we managed to find small producers who, starting from the excellent Sicilian grapes, managed to create a truly amazing final product, such as that of the Sicilian Acetai Masters.

Oil and vinegar

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EVO oil Nocellara of Etna Zammara


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Year of production 2019/2020 - Bottle of 50 CL.

Carefully packaged, space-saving and extremely ergonomic.

The elegance of the bottle, the anti-oil label that avoids the greasy effect and the anti-topping cap, make it a perfect product for elegantly laid tables in restaurants or at home.