Typical Sicilian Products

I piu richiesti

Orange and chocolate peels 200g

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Candied orange peel with Sicilian artisan method, covered with pure chocolate.
Ingredients: Oranges, sugar, honey, chocolate.

Almond paste 200g

€4.50 -10% €4.05
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Ingredients: almond paste specific for the preparation of almond milk
Net weight: 200g
Producer: Bronte (Ct)

For healthy and genuine Italian food lovers, for all ones who want to discover the true tastes and flavours of Sicily.

Love For Taste is the online shop of typical Sicilian food and wine excellences. Each one of the selected product is the result of the invaluable work of small local factories: sometimes, they are managed by middle-aged women or men who love the traditional Sicilian cuisine, sometimes by young valid and willing people who decided to remain in Sicily, despite all the difficulties that such a choice may involve.

Both the attention to the hight quality of raw materials and the craftsmanship of production processes are the elements that characterize our selection of typical Sicilian products: through them, we would like to tell you the history of the oldest and also the youngest Sicily, discovering our traditional roots and also the newly blossomed sprouts.

Actually, Love for Taste is a trip to Sicily that will allow you to get to know the authentic taste of all the passion and hearts of all Sicilian people.


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